Kiez und Knete
Kiez und Knete

Kiez und Knete

Documentary series for ZDFinfo • 3 episodes (45 minutes)

The gap between rich and poor is widening. For the documentary series "Kiez & Knete", Aminata Belli travels to German cities and meets people from both worlds: Those living in poverty and the super-rich.

Kiez & Knete - Armes, reiches Wiesbaden

Wiesbaden - Nice of the North. Twelve billion euros in purchasing power. But the city struggles with child poverty. Aminata Belli meets people with more and less money to live on.

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Kiez & Knete - Armes, reiches Hamburg

Hamburg - the gateway to the world is bursting at the seams. Aminata Belli learns what seven square meters feel like, what makes Hamburg sound like and how the wealthy live in Hamburg.

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