Einfach Mensch
Einfach Mensch

Einfach Mensch

Documentary series for ZDF • 6 episodes (15 minutes)

In "Einfach Mensch," people with disabilities and social disadvantages talk about their lives themselves. The reports are produced in cooperation with "Aktion Mensch.

Stefanie Wiegel: Auf acht Rollen zu den Special Olympics '23

31-year-old Stefanie Wiegel is one of 7,000 athletes nominated for the Special Olympics World Games in Berlin. Her discipline is roller skating.

Einfach Mensch - Unified Volleyball - Im Team zu den Special Olympics 2023

On June 17, the Special Olympics World Games start in Berlin. The inclusive beach volleyball team from Wilhelmsdorf will be there.

Einfach Mensch - Johanna Ruhrbruch: Die rollende Reporterin

Student Johanna Ruhrbruch has her sights firmly set on her dream job: Becoming a journalist. Her rare muscle disease does not deter the wheelchair user from this goal.

Einfach Mensch - Nikolaos Rizidis - der blinde TikTok-Star

Nikolaos and his guide dog Orlando are real stars on TikTok with 115,000 followers. In his videos, the 30-year-old educates people about life as a blind person and breaks down barriers.

Einfach Mensch - Natalie Dedreux: Trisomie 21, so what!

Natalie Dedreux is an activist, journalist and blogger with Down syndrome. She fights for the inclusion of people with trisomy 21. Her message: Down syndrome is cool!

Einfach Mensch - Britta Wend: Tennis für Alle

Three years ago, Britta fell during an acrobatics exercise and broke her upper lumbar vertebra. She has been in a wheelchair ever since. The 25-year-old accepts it, because without the accident she wouldn't be able to play wheelchair tennis now.

Einfach Mensch - Mama mit Behinderung

Amputee Hülya Marquardt is a mother, model and influencer on Instagram. On the Internet platform, she shows how she balances her disability, her role as a mother and her working life.

Einfach Mensch - Inklusion rockt: Die Band - Station 17

They wanted to get out of the closed residential group. As a result, they became pioneers of inclusive music production. The great band "Station 17" has been doing what they do best for three seasons: Music.