Crime Time
Crime Time

Crime Time

True Crime-series for ARD media library • 7 episode (35 minutes)

True crime is one of the most popular genres of entertainment. "ARD Crime Time" is a new documentary film-series on spectacular German crime cases. It is published every month in the ARD media library. Told from different perspectives to illuminate all their facets.

Tödlicher PS-Kick - Der Unfall

Two friends go for a spin in a high-powered rental car, and at over 300 km/h there is a horror crash on the A95 at night, which only one of the two occupants survives. His claim that he was the passenger raises questions.

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Tödlicher PS-Kick - Der lange Weg zur Wahrheit

The police find the deceased's cell phone. Videos show that the two friends were racing illegally during the day. Was that the trigger for the fatal accident?

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Tödlicher PS-Kick - Der Prozess

The meticulous investigation ultimately leads to a surprising turnaround. It is a further shock for the family of the deceased when reports are published a year and a half later. There is a trial.

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Lebenslänglich - Kampf gegen die Zeit

Has Klaus Bräunig been sitting innocently in jail for 53 years? After decades, a witness has come forward whose testimony could prove his innocence. But Bräunig is ill and the authorities are taking their time with new investigations - too much time?

Lebenslänglich - Der letzte Wunsch

A sensational find -| Lawyer Arnemann manages to find DNA samples that were thought to have been lost for years. If the laboratory analysis exonerates Klaus Bräunig, the case could be reopened in court after more than 50 years. Was the 78-year-old the victim of a miscarriage of justice?

Lebenslänglich - Das Geständnis

Why did Klaus Bräunig repeatedly confess to the double murder and then recant? Lawyer Carolin Arnemann wants to find out whether the interrogations at the time were above board. Did the investigators put him under pressure? And: a new lead. It leads to the Romanian secret service.

Lebenslänglich – 52 Jahre unschuldig im Knast?

Has Klaus Bräunig been sitting innocently in prison for over 50 years or did he brutally murder two women? There is no evidence, only controversial confessions. The documentary reopens the case. Is the court's verdict still tenable today or is Bräunig unjustly in prison?